& Tennessee

Get a glimpse of beauty and history as the soul of the American South flows – the Cumberland & Tennessee rivers meander between majestic bluffs, yield golden horizons, and more. Witness a serenity in river living, as the lull of the paddlewheel churns past small-town America from gorges and the Great Smokey Mountains with the rhythms of country music and Nashville always exudes.

Paducah, KY

history is woven of
memory and

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Downtown Chattanooga harmonizes its water worlds, verdure, and industry into a picture- perfect melody. A pedestrian bridge stretches over the Tennessee River to connect south side to north shore. Here, visitors delight at the myriad boutiques and specialty shops that offer an assortment of treasures from the quaint to the quirky.

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Clarksville, Tennessee

Clarksville distills small-batch handcrafted notes into big-city living. Its range of breweries, wineries and distilleries have visitors both shaken and stirred, while the city’s historic sites preserve the ingenuity of the human spirit. Let the Cumberland River guide you to the triumph of commerce as it wriggles through this blooming city.

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Nashville, TN

Where we’ve had 46 presidents —
but only one King of Rock and roll.

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Cumberland and Tenneessee River

Cruises with American Queen Voyages through Cumberland and Tennessee rivers focus on showing you the hidden gems of small-town America and its charming folk.

On your Cumberland river cruise, you will discover the musical hubs of the U.S. In Memphis, the birthplace of the blues, you will get to explore the home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Wander around Paducah and admire the colorful mural telling a story of the city’s past. Learn about the Civil War from our expert guides in Dover and Clarksville, and take in the sounds of country music in Nashville. History buffs will love delving into the fascinating events and people behind them during the Tennessee river cruise.

Admire the postcard-perfect landscapes of Cumberland and Tennessee rivers from the balcony of your classic American riverboat. Surrounded by luxury onboard and gracious personalized service, enjoy live performances or unwind in the tranquility of panoramic views. Pick among nine fascinating itineraries to find the ideal voyage for you.


Cumberland and Tenneessee River Cruise FAQs


What are the best ports to visit on a Cumberland River cruise?

The best ports on Cumberland River cruises include visiting the ‘Music City’ of Nashville, Tennessee, admiring the art scene in Paducah, Kentucky, and discovering Civil War battlefields in Clarksville and Dover, Tennessee.


What are the best ports to visit on the Tennessee River cruise?

The best ports on a Tennessee River cruise include exploring the battlefields of the Civil War and historic homes in Savannah, Tennessee, discovering musical heritage and hiking trails in Florence, Alabama, choosing from a variety of activities available in Decatur, Alabama, and strolling through the stunning pedestrian bridge and quaint treasures in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


How long are Cumberland and Tennessee River cruises?

Cruises along Cumberland and Tennessee rivers last from nine days with seven to eight port visitations to 13 days with 10 port visitations. American Queen voyages run nine voyages with reversible starting points.


How much do Cumberland and Tennessee Riverboat cruises cost?

Riverboat cruises along the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers with American Queen Voyages are all-inclusive. The prices range from $2,299 per guest for a cruise from Nashville to Memphis to $3,899 per guest for a cruise from Memphis to Chattanooga.


What is included in a Cumberland and Tennessee river cruise?

Cumberland and Tennessee river cruises with American Queen Voyages include high-quality amenities and luxurious and spacious staterooms to ensure you feel at home away from home. Included in the cost of the cruise you will be welcomed with a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay, ground transfers between hotel and vessel, personally tailored and expertly crafted unlimited guided tours, unlimited beverages at open bars and lounges, acclaimed cuisine in multiple venues, in-room dining, unlimited Wi-Fi, live entertainment and enrichment onboard, and bicycles and hiking sticks. Airfare is not included in the price of the cruise, and should be organized by guests separately.


What sights can you see on a Cumberland River cruise?

Along your Cumberland river cruise, you will experience country music and Southern cuisine. You’ll get to marvel at murals and admire art galleries and studios. While visiting museums, you will listen to captivating war tales and conclude your day shopping for antiques. While learning about the Civil War, you will explore and stand on the walls lined with cannons. And in this region, you will indulge in surprisingly complex moonshine and whiskey and learn about tobacco production.


What sights can you see on a Tennessee River cruise?

On the Tennessee river cruise, you will pass through the Appalachian Mountains, which serve as stunning backdrops in the Tennessee Valley. You will be serenaded by a variety of music born on the river and discover the rich history and culture of the region. You will stop along the way to explore Civil War battlefields, museums, and artifacts. And the journey wouldn’t be complete without sampling the flavors of Kentucky bourbon.