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Richland, WA

the end of the
manhattan project

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Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is known to be the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. There is no doubting the richness of the history grounded in this Columbia River town. Today, you can climb to the top of the Astoria Column – wrapped in depictions of history – look out over the landscape toward the Pacific Ocean and watch your model wooden airplane glide through the air to its rest below.

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The Dalles, Oregon

At the end of the overland Oregon Trail, The Dalles holds a unique place in history as a jumping-off spot for pioneers, soldiers, gold miners, adventurers, gun-slingers, floozies and scallywags. The Dalles, although a part of the Oregon High Desert, features a long growing season and a relatively warm climate that supports the growing of grapes. As a result, the region is home to a wine scene unlike any other in Oregon.

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Portland, OR

Born of Coulee Dams and even cooler
Portland pinot gris.

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Columbia &

These frontiers have called to explorers of history and adventurers of today for centuries. Here, the paths paved by Lewis and Clark chart through the timber and wild coastline, balanced by beautiful wine country and rich native American history. Here, adventure is always just around the bend.