Columbia &

These frontiers have called to explorers of history and adventurers of today for centuries. Here, the paths paved by Lewis and Clark chart through the timber and wild coastline, balanced by beautiful wine country and rich native American history. Here, adventure is always just around the bend.

Richland, WA

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manhattan project

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Astoria, Oregon

Astoria is known to be the oldest American settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. There is no doubting the richness of the history grounded in this Columbia River town. Today, you can climb to the top of the Astoria Column – wrapped in depictions of history – look out over the landscape toward the Pacific Ocean and watch your model wooden airplane glide through the air to its rest below.

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The Dalles, Oregon

At the end of the overland Oregon Trail, The Dalles holds a unique place in history as a jumping-off spot for pioneers, soldiers, gold miners, adventurers, gun-slingers, floozies and scallywags. The Dalles, although a part of the Oregon High Desert, features a long growing season and a relatively warm climate that supports the growing of grapes. As a result, the region is home to a wine scene unlike any other in Oregon.

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Portland, OR

Born of Coulee Dams and even cooler
Portland pinot gris.

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Columbia River Cruises and Snake River Cruises

Embark on a divine adventure through the splendor of the Pacific Northwest on a Columbia and Snake River cruise. Observe the landscapes change from majestic walls of spruce and pine to rolling hills dotted with vineyards from the luxury of your private veranda onboard the American Empress. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery, retrace the expedition path of Lewis and Clark, and indulge in the finest wines and freshest seafood Oregon and Washington have to offer. Select from three Columbia and Snake River cruise itineraries that present unparalleled depth of Native American history and culture for river farers to dive into and create lifelong memories. 



What are the best ports to visit on a Columbia and Snake river cruise? 

American Queen Voyages’ destination specialists craft itineraries to ensure you get to explore the best ports along the Columbia and Snake rivers. Cruises depart from Portland and Spokane, taking you on a bucket-list-worthy adventure through Oregon and Washington, including Astoria, The Dalles, Vancouver, Stevenson, Camas and Washougal, Clarkston, and Richland.


What sights can you see on a Columbia and Snake river cruise?  

Set sail on a Columbia and Snake river cruise and discover the same waterways traversed by explorers, settlers, and natives. The hand-tailored experiences uncover a wealth of diverse landscapes and harvests of the region through the following itinerary highlights. 

  • Take in picturesque landscapes of hills covered in forestry and the Pacific Ocean in the distance from the top of Astoria Column, wrapped in historic depictions during your stop in Astoria, Oregon. 
  • Enjoy the beauty of rolling hills and indulge in tasting wines in the Dalles, Oregon. 
  • Walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark, discover the rich history of trade and settlement, and sample local craft brews accompanied by fresh seafood in Vancouver, Washington. 
  • Navigate secluded hiking trails, relax in hot springs, admire towering heights of the Columbia River Gorge and learn about Native American legends through petroglyphs at Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson, Washington. 
  • Explore the tops of three volcanoes, including the majestic Mount Hood, the highest point in Oregon. Marvel at the 40-plus waterfalls and unleash your creativity by photographing their stature in Camas and Washougal, Washington. 
  • American Queen Voyages guests benefit from exploring the beauty of Hells Canyon, North America’s deepest gorge, up close while passing through Clarkston, Washington. 
  • Drink your way through the iconic wineries of the finest wine regions in the nation during your port of call in Richland, Washington. 


How long are Columbia and Snake river cruises? 

American Queen Voyages offers three fascinating itineraries through Columbia and Snake rivers. You can sail from Spokane to Portland or reverse in nine days visiting seven to eight ports. Alternatively, you can embark on a roundtrip Portland voyage that lasts seven days, passing through six ports.  


What is included in the Columbia and Snake river cruise? 

Columbia and Snake river cruises with American Queen Voyages include exquisite amenities and luxurious and spacious staterooms to ensure you feel at home away from home. Included in the cost of the cruise you will be welcomed with a one-night pre-cruise hotel stay, ground transfers between hotel and cruise ship, personally tailored and expertly crafted unlimited guided tours, unlimited beverages at open bars and lounges, acclaimed cuisine in multiple venues, in-room dining, unlimited Wi-Fi, live entertainment and enrichment onboard, and bicycles and hiking sticks. Airfare is not included in the price of the cruise and should be organized by guests separately.