The grand Atlantic Ocean, vast and ancient, inspires art, poetry and music. Skim across its surface to visit colonial and coastal treasures, soak up Southern graciousness and sink your toes into sandy beaches. Treat yourself to a fresh and novel escape on one of these soul-stirring itineraries. 

Amelia Island (Fernandina Beach), FL

shrimping boats with their
sails afloat return to

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Charleston, South Carolina

One of America’s favorite destinations, this quintessentially southern town is rich with charm, hospitality and history. Visit the elegant Joseph Manigualt House. Explore City Market, known as the city’s cultural heart. See the iconic Rainbow Row of pastel colored houses and discover the promenade at The Battery.

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Port Canaveral, Florida

Trace the small steps and giant leaps NASA since its inception in 1958. Witness towering works of engineering in the Rocket Gardens and see the Space Shuttle Atlantis as it hangs in mid-air. Strap in for a simulated Shuttle Launch Experience and walk the Astronaut Hall of Fame and enjoy lunch with an American astronaut.

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Brunswick, Georgia

Where high tea is at the Jekyll Club
(and Mr. Hyde is not a member).

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