Breathe in the misty air as the cascade of Niagara Falls plunges into the foaming waters below, and watch sun rays dance through the rugged bedrocks and white pine forests of the Georgian Bay. Masterful regional cuisine, carefully selected destinations and educational enrichment enhance each cherished day.

Chicago, IL

they invented deep dish pizza,
the twinkie, and electric

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

See Earth’s raw power on full display during an unforgettable encounter with a natural wonder of the world. Thoughts swirl in the surreal roar of rushing water as it crashes into the jadegreen lake below. Excitement escalates as we climb aboard our aboard a catamaran to sail into the mesmerizing mist.

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Mackinac Island, Michigan

The entirety of this charming island is a National Historic Landmark, and motor vehicles are not allowed, so explorations of Fort Mackinac are done by horse-drawn carriage. Visit the iconic Grand Hotel, the coastal resort famed for hosting presidents, authors and inventors and known for having “The World’s Largest Porch.”

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Toronto, Ontario

Where the whiskey is 90 proof and
the distillery is 100% haunted.

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