Extended Journeys

Set sail on your own Mississippi and Ohio river adventures of a lifetime – to Hannibal as you retrace Mark Twain’s steps; or, jaunt to the birthplace of bourbon in Louisville where mint julep and horse-racing are synonymous too; follow the smell of Cajun cooking as it welcomes you with open arms in Henderson; or, indulge in modern Americana in Dubuque where “If you build it, he will come…” echoes softly on your visit to the iconic Field of Dreams baseball diamond. Visit these gems and more that dot the waterways of America - explore deeper than ever before.

St. Louis, MO

ravioli and pizza

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Dubuque, Iowa

Explore Dubuque, where river travelers can discover historic districts peppered with preserved history. From the architectural delight of Tiffany windows in St. Luke’s United Methodist Church to the exhibits of the Dubuque Museum of Art, this city captures artistry. Victorian meets bohemian in this ever-growing Mississippi River gem that’s sure to leave dazzling memories.

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Hannibal, Missouri

Hannibal could be described as ordinary, but the father of American literature would beg to differ. The town’s preservation efforts allow our quests to step right onto the page where Twain left off. Still enlivened by the coming and going of rivercraft, this exuberant port marks the start of adventure for all who visit.

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Minneapolis (Red Wing), Minnesota

Where the nature and the architecture
have a friendly competition.

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