Alaska &

Be fully present in the innermost reaches of Southeast Alaska’s hidden wilderness. Be completely connected to the people and cultures in remote indigenous villages. Be wholly aware of the rare access you will enjoy — and the value of protecting this delicate environment for those who come after us.

Wrangell Island, AK

the tides where the people
and their art hides

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Misty Fjords, Alaska

Ancient glaciers scrubbed deep troughs through this wilderness, leaving a scenic geological wonder. New Eddystone Rock is a remnant of long-ago volcanic activity that left the iconic basalt pillar as a testament to the power of this place. Humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, bears, wolves, moose, and hundreds of species of sea and shorebirds await as we spend most of today exploring the shoreline with our team of marine biologists from California Polytechnic State University.

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Endicott Arm, Alaska

We will spend the night in these splendid surroundings. Our ship is uniquely equipped to stop here, in a secluded cove of the captain’s choice, without disturbing the serenity with mechanical sounds or interruptions. Stand on deck and experience the stillness. We’ll explore these fjords by zodiacs and kayaks led by our team of naturalists.

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Ketchikan, Alaska

Where the orcas frolic and the
wind whistles through the fjords.

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