new years river cruises

Have you thought about your resolutions for the new year? Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to get out of a rut and kick start your New Year’s goals. Riverboat cruises in the USA are a great way to get out of the house with your loved ones and explore American history and culture while you’re working on your resolutions.

Get Active

Lots of people try to turn over a new leaf and adopt healthy habits in the new year. For many, this means becoming healthier and more active. A lot of doctors recommend walking as a cheap and easy way to begin low impact physical activity. The recommended ‘dosage’ is 10k steps a day, which research suggests can help transform your health.
Does this number sound high to you? The 10k steps will fly by when you’re having fun. At American Queen Steamboat Company, we offer a number of American river cruises with plenty of opportunities to go on shore and explore. Whether you want to take a self-guided nature hike or join a group hitting the pavement in some of the country’s most storied cities, you’ll find something to love during our river cruises.
river cruises for new years

Learn and Explore

Explore America’s history and scenic areas in a whole new way by getting on the waterways. Instead of whizzing by the countryside on an interstate, learn about America’s culture and past from a new perspective. A riverboat tour lets you uncover hidden gems at a relaxed pace. We have arranged on-shore expeditions to both big attractions and places off the beaten path.
What can you visit with the American Queen Steamboat Company? Our boats travel along several waterways including the Mississippi, Ohio, Tennessee, Cumberland, Columbia, and Snake Rivers. Here are just some of the exciting attractions on the way:

  • Music fans can take a tour of Graceland and learn more about Memphis’s culture while exploring Beale Street.
  • History buffs can learn about Native Americans’ early lives at the Nez Perce National Historical Park.
  • Photographers and nature lovers alike can get the chance to take in spectacular autumn colors along the Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland,  and Tennessee Rivers.

Spend Time With Family

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Members of your family, young and old, may love the opportunity to go on U.S. river cruises in the new year. Our spacious and comfortable river cruise vessels offer a wide array of shore excursions to appeal to people of many ages and interests. However, there’s a lot to enjoy onboard as well.
We offer first-class dining on all vessels, and our kitchens will work to accommodate people with special diets, just ask! Our vessels are handicap accessible. We also keep a busy schedule of onboard entertainment. You can drop in on card games, swing by the bars for a cocktail and chat with other families, or socialize on-deck as you enjoy sweeping American vistas.
If you want to extend your fun, check out one of our city stay packages. These provide accommodation and let you explore a city more in-depth before or after a cruise.

Hit the Water With Us in the New Year

River cruises offer:

  • expeditions to famous historic sights, charming towns, and natural wonders
  • the chance to experience the real area on foot, not just the tourist sights everyone knows about
  • excellent dining and nightly entertainment
  • the chance to meet other people in specialty interests, like book groups and birdwatchers

American Queen Steamboat Company stands out among river boat cruise companies thanks to our dedication to customer service and the wide variety of cruises we offer. Are you ready to go on a waterway adventure with us? Contact us today!